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CD canto:). Hortus Musicus

DVD In the Mystical Land of Kaydara. Peeter Vähi

DVD Coppélia. A ballet by Léo Delibes

CD-series Great Maestros. Beethoven, Brahms. Kalle Randalu, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Järvi

CD Quarter of a Century with Friends. Arsis, Rémi Boucher, Oliver Kuusik, Rauno Elp

Super Audio CD Maria Magdalena. Sevara Nazarkhan, Riga Dom Cathedral Boys Choir, State Choir Latvija, Latvian National Symphony Orchestra

CD Jerusalem. Hortus Musicus

LP Contra aut pro? Toomas Velmet, Neeme Järvi, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Arvo Pärt

CD The Soul of Fire. Age Juurikas


International Festival
Artistic director − Peeter Vähi
May 25th − 31st, 2015

The first ever concentrated show of oriental music in Estonia, a tradition going back to the year 1992, has brought the most authentic performers from India, Siberia, Middle East, Central Asia, Far East, and South East Asia. It is certainly a leading musical event in the Baltic States where music lovers can enjoy performers like Hariprasad Chaurasia, ensemble Kodō, Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar, Jivan Gasparyan, ensemble Huun-Huur-Tu, Alim Qasimov, Burhan Öçal, Sevara Nazarkhan, Gyuto and Gyume Buddhist monks, Wu Man, etc. Keep a close eye on our website and advertising – the show goes on. Detailed program will be available in March 2015.

player Video-clip of Orient 2015 on YouTube

Conference        Concerts in Tallinn        Peking Opera        Workshops
Bazaar         Orient Flavours         Other


Mon, May 25th Kadriorg Palace
Conference of Ethnology: Asian and African cultures

Tue, May 26th at 7 pm Kadriorg Park, Japanese Garden
Taiko ensemble INDRA (Japan)

Wed, May 27th at 7 pm Kadriorg Park, Orient tent (next to the President’s Palace)

Wed, May 27th at 10 pm Kadriorg Park, Orient tent (next to the President’s Palace)

Thu, May 28th at 7 pm Nordea Concert Hall
PEKING OPERA (China): Female Generals of the Yang Family

Fri, May 29th at 7 pm Kadriorg Park, Orient tent (next to the President’s Palace)

Sat, May 30th at 7 pm Kadriorg Park, Orient tent (next to the President’s Palace)
Throat-singing ensemble ÜLGER (Khakassia / South Siberia)

Sat, May 30th at 10 pm Kadriorg Park, Orient tent (next to the President’s Palace)
SHONA shamanistic ritual (Zimbabwe)

Sun, May 31st at 8 pm Kadriorg Park, Orient tent (next to the President’s Palace)

Orient2015Khakassia2 BeijingOperaFemaleGenerals AfricaMaliDogonMask 


● Tue, May 26th from 2 to 3.30 pm Kadriorg Park, Orient tent
Tanzanian taarab-music workshop / Mitchel Strumpf & Samir Ally Salim

● Wed, May 27th from 1 to 2 pm Kadriorg Park
Yoga workshop for beginners

● Wed, May 27th from 2 to 3.30 pm Kadriorg Park, Orient tent
Japanese taiko-drumming workshop / Ensemble Indra

● Fri, May 29th from 2 to 3.30 pm Kadriorg Park, Orient tent
Khakassian throat-singing workshop / Ensemble Ülger

● Sat, May 30th from 12 to 2.30 pm Tallinn University, Department of Choreography, Theatre Stella (address − Narva Road 25, Tallinn)
Master class of traditional Thai dance / Pitchaya Mathanucrohk


● Mon, May 25th at 12 pm (noon) Kadriorg Palace (A. Weizenbergi Str 37)
Opening of the festival and registration of conference delegates

● Sat, May 30th and Sun, May 31st from 3 to 5 pm Kadriorg Park, Orient tent
Thai umbrella painting demonstration

Orient Flavours - gourmet experiences from Asia and Africa

Bazaar in Kadriorg Park (May 26th−31st)

Concerts outside of Tallinn:
Tue, May 26th at 7 pm Kanepi Seltsimaja, Wed, May 27th at 7 pm Mooste Mill-Theatre − Ensemble Ülger (Khakassia)
Fri, May 29th at 7 pm Kuressaare Culture Centre, Saaremaa − Shona shamanistic rituals (Zimbabwe)
June 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Sweden − Shona shamanistic rituals (Zimbabwe)
Mon, Jun 1st Riga, Thu, June 4th Vilnius − Peking Opera (China)

Peeter Vähi − artistic director
Tiina Jokinen − general manager
Inna Kivi − producer, musicologist
Tanel Klesment − sound engineering
Mart Kivisild − design
Taimi Paves − Far-East relations
Reno Hekkonens − marketing and PR
Andra Roosmets − marketing assistant
Olavi Sööt − logistics
Johannes Vähi − webmaster, logistics
Anu Jaanson – assistant producer
Heidi Vihma – consultant of Orient flavours
Kadri Kiis – accounts and administration

Press resonance

Planet Hugill − A world of classical music (29.05.15, UK)
Planet Hugill − A world of classical music (08.07.15, UK)

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Additional info: Wikipedia in English and Estonian

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Special thanks: Toyota Baltic AS, EAS, Taipei Mission in the Republic of Latvia, His Excellency Gary K. Y. Ko, Gustavo Chu, Madis Kolk, Urmas Paet, Hedi Palipea, Kadrioru Park, Ain Järve, Peter Phiri

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