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CD canto:). Hortus Musicus

DVD In the Mystical Land of Kaydara. Peeter Vähi

DVD Coppélia. A ballet by Léo Delibes

CD-series Great Maestros. Beethoven, Brahms. Kalle Randalu, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Järvi

CD Quarter of a Century with Friends. Arsis, Rémi Boucher, Oliver Kuusik, Rauno Elp

Super Audio CD Maria Magdalena. Sevara Nazarkhan, Riga Dom Cathedral Boys Choir, State Choir Latvija, Latvian National Symphony Orchestra

CD Jerusalem. Hortus Musicus

LP Contra aut pro? Toomas Velmet, Neeme Järvi, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Arvo Pärt

CD The Soul of Fire. Age Juurikas

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Tokumaru (Japanese restaurant)


Now you can enjoy the genuine Japanese cuisine right in Tallinn’s city centre. The new restaurant Tokumaru offers widely known sushi as well as other exciting Japanese dishes. Our great gastronomic masterpiece is ramen − a popular Japanese noodle soup. We prepare our noodles fresh, just as we cook the broth, following the traditional family recipes of the Tokumaru’s Japanese chef Daigo Takagi. Tokumaru is a groovy place for both a relaxing lunch break and a more formal business lunch. Both cinemagoers as well as shoppers enjoy stopping by. For a soothing ambience in the evening one could go for a table for two, or spend their time joyfully at the large table. Every month Tokumaru organises thrilling Japanese-themed evening events that you can read about at our Facebook page. Tokumaru is situated on the second floor of the Solaris shopping centre, right above the Solaris cinema box office.

During the festival, if you show your ticket, set of Shio ramen and sushi (2 salmon & 2 maki) is 6.50 EUR!


Riis (Thai and Vietnamese cuisine)

Magnuna (African and Middle-Eastern kitchen)


MAGNUNA is a representative of the Middle-Eastern kitchen − a small and cosy restaurant at Pikk Str 35, in the Old Town of Tallinn. Serving homely dishes, it is the only one of its kind in Tallinn. You will be received with a warm welcome and will find a congenial atmosphere, Eastern music (both contemporary and traditional), quality meals, and Middle-Eastern cooks and waiters from Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, and Afghanistan. The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday, from 11 am till 11 pm, and longer during the summer months. Food can be enjoyed inside, on the terrace, or take-away. Magnuna is well suited for smaller receptions, meetings, birthday parties, and firm parties. We are happy to help you organise a suitable entertainment program for an event of your choice.

+372 6829580; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; Facebook: Magnuna/Magnuna2


Uba ja Humal (specialized beer and coffee shop)


Specialized beer and coffee shop Uba ja Humal is located near Kalamaja, Võrgu Str 3 (in the same building with cafeteria Moon). There are nearly 350 different carefully selected micro and craft beers available from all over the world including majority of Estonian craft producer’s products. We sell coffee beans from different famous roasters.


Like all things with soul, our business started as well from our own − owners Tanel and Risto − interest and passion towards good beer and coffee. Analysing market situation last year, we came to the conclusion that now the time is right to try with specialized beer and coffee shop. We decided to test the idea with a summer project in one of the favourite summer destinations Haapsalu and that turned out to be a great success! As a natural step similar but a bit bigger shop  was opened  in Tallinn  last year in December. We  want to offer best craft beer assortment in Estonia and very best small roasterscoffee beans. It is very important to us that customer feels good and cosy in our shop and that she or he gets the best professional advise possible. We, the owners, are very often in the store as well and we always feel blessed to talk to customers who are truly interested in beer and coffee. This business is for us more a hobby rather than the business. We have tried to put together beer assortment in a way that everybody finds for her / himself something new and interesting. Estonian craft beers are continuously very popular, also there is strong interest to more exotic beers like Baird from Japan. Of course one can find in our store famous micro beers like Amager, De Molem, Mikkeller. Coffee beans are available from all over the world. It is possible coffee to be ground. We also serve the coffee in the store and to go. Our store Uba ja Humal has totally unique combination of products. Even if on the first sight it may seem that coffee and beer do not have anything in common, those products are very similar by the long history and tradition how they are produced. Owners Tanel ja Risto are experts in their own field and their interest is to promote coffee and beer culture in Estonia. In addition to excellent service, we plan to start in the future also with coffee and beer testing and training. We welcome all beer and coffee fellows in our store!

Gourmet Coffee


LogoKosmosepiibudCosmosepiibud. We bring you the new, the beautiful, the unexpected. We help transform your waterpipe experience into an aesthetic delight, onethat marries the ancient with the modern, the traditional with the spontaneous.  To us, hookahs are much more than mere smoking instruments. Of course, our products are without question of high working quality, solid, well-crafted and reliable - plus give thick, flavourful smoke. However, their highly creative shapes turn them into stylish elements of interior design. They cannot just sit on the floor or on a shelf and not be noticed; these by their very beauty become an integral part of a room's essence.  Cosmosepiibud wants to beautify your world. We are driven by aesthetic enthusiasm. By a love of beauty and design. We believe that these waterpipes should become the attractive centerpieces to your social evenings, the glue which brings friends together in the ancient tradition of good conversation and laughter − around a shared waterpipe. A new generation of hookahs. For a new generation.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; +372 55 522285




Müstika Dance Studio

Oriental House Relaxing Studio

We are a unique massage lounge in Estonia, where you are welcomed by the warm smiles of professional masseuses from Thailand. We offer a highly professional level of authentic Thai massage and aim to bring a little piece of Thailand to Estonia. Thai medicine dates back thousands of years, a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.The main goal is to eliminate any interferences in the movement of energy within the body.Thai massage can he beneficial for relieving tension, as well as alleviating health issues. In addition, Thai massage can prevent weight gain, revives skin regeneration and reduces wrinkles.  It is an excellent aid for rehabilitation from sports injuries, relieving muscle tension and improving joint mobility. Thai massage also activates blood circulation and helps the overall well being of the body.

In our Oriental lounge, you can enjoy:
− traditional Thai massage
− Royal Thai massage
− foot massage
− oil massage
− herbal compress massage
− back massage
− head massage
− a variety of different treatments

RelaxingStudio400 RelaxingStudio400-2

Kalaranna Str 6, Tallinn; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; www.orientalhouse.eu; Facebook; +372 6806071, +372 56 457627

Bueno Gourmet

Specialty Gourmet Latin-America flavors. We make some of the most popular South- and North-American sandwiches. Co-founders (Chilean and Estonian) are committed to provide originality, the freshest of ingredients and the best of meats in our products. Including our homemade bread. In Addition to good food, our mission is to introduce and increase the gourmet “food truck” culture and presence in Estonia. We are open late on weekends.
Wed−Thu 12 noon − 10 pm
Fri 12 noon − 3 am
Sat 2 pm − 3 am
Sea container in Telliskivi Creative City, near F-hoone,Facebook

Suya and restaurant Kadriorg

SUYA is coming to Tallinn to introduce some relatively unknown West African flavours. The exciting mixture that is sweet, yet spicy; tastes like junk food but is very healthy and gives a little insight into the exciting new world of street food that is spreading rapidly through European food markets.
SUYA is a skewered meat, chicken or seafood dish, smothered in suya society’s very own secret spice recipe. It smells like cake and tastes savoury and is making a European debut in Estonia at the Orient festival. The flavours are built from a base of peanuts and ginger which is typical in West Africa, and is not only delicious but also has health benefits according to folklore. Ginger is good for the stomach, chilli for metabolism and garlic for the immune system. Our traditional method of serving the grilled skewers, with tomato and red onion is refreshing and ideal as a snack in the sun or a full meal.
SUYA itself is a dish that originates from the area that touches upon Northern Nigeria, Northern Cameroon, Southern Sudan and Niger. It has however taken shape as a Nigerian national dish for a couple of reasons, but one of the most important is its unifying ability between social classes, income groups and even race. Everyone eats SUYA, everyone loves SUYA, and it’s time for Estonia to try it and do the same.



A dedicated seeker of truth, and a peculiar poet, my purpose in life is to create beauty. In every experience. In every shape. In every form.
Through constant growth, deep understanding, and an adventurous lifestyle, I gradually develop my thought patterns − so that clarity can emerge. I enjoy to venture both alone, and with company. I love everything that challenges me, reflects, and pushes my limits. Every mystical incident and encounter brings a smile to my face.
Yoga plays a huge role in my existence. The journey began in England, where not a day passed by without my yoga mat. Whatever happened in life, whatever chaos unfolded-through yoga I always found my calm. Synchronized events together with countless signs brought me to New York, where I trained under the tutelage of a world known teacher, Maty Ezraty. This is what gave me the initial push to start sharing the wisdom I gained, and this heartfelt passion of mine, with you.

Kathleen Iren Kanervikko, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)

The founder of the movement says: “The International Society for Krishna Consciousness is first of all an educational institution and it’s purpose is to teach spiritual knowledge”. One of the important philosophical understandings of our movement is that each and every living entity is an inseparable part of God or in other words a spirit soul. To love God is the natural state of being for every living entity. The highest purpose of the human life, regardless of race, nationality or religious confession, is to reawaken such natural love. Krishna consciousness is not a superficial philosophy of life, but the original state of every living entity. A living entity forgets it’s original and eternal connection with God, when it comes into contact with the material nature and tries to control it. The practice of Krishna consciousness helps us to restore our original nature. The practice of Krishna Consciousness is based on bhakti yoga, which is the culmination of all forms of yoga, knowledge, meditation, and spirituality. Thanks to this practice our heart is being cleansed of all bad qualities and our natural love for God and for all other living entities will surely be restored.

Sri Harinam Mandir (Temple of the Holy Name), Estonian Society for Krishna Consciousness
Luise 11a, Tallinn, Estonia (entrance from Endla street), +372 6460047; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; www.tempel.ee/en/
Temple is open every day from 4:15 am until 8:30 pm

Yang-Sheng promoting a culture of health and longevity (Traditional Chinese medicine)

Fohow mission is to maintain healthy development of culture throughout the world, creating a happy and healthy life for all mankind. Our products combine Chinese traditional medicine for thousands of years-old experience and the latest technology. The uniqueness of the product lies in the factthat the returns of smaller blood vessels (capillaries) permeability, built up new, healthy cells, the stem cells are activated − rejuvenates a person.
Diagnosis • Counseling • Lectures • Health Products • Gymnastics
Tel +372 51 43889, +372 56 221155 www.stability.ee, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Silkroad Treasures


Silkroad Treasures offers handmade tibetan jewelry and accessories made in Nepal. Most of the jewelry is made from silver, but some pieces are from white metal. Nepalese jewelry artists use a lot of turqouise and coral, but also other semiprecious stones such as rubies, sapphires, amethyst, garnet, jade, agate, lapis lazuli and copal. Many jewelry artisans in Nepal are actually not native Nepalese, but Tibetans who fled from the Chinese invaders to Nepal in 1950ies. It is noteworthy that many jewelry makers are women.
Jewelry plays a significant role in the culture of Nepal and Tibet and it is a natural part of everyday clothing. It is also a symbol of spirituality. Naturally, the Tibetan jewelry carries the theme of and hence is often adorned with symbols of budism. Tibetans and Nepalese people think that wearing the jewelry helps to draw the deities closer. In addition, the jewelry has a protective function.
Silkroad Treasures cooperates with Silkroad Experiences project and DANA eV that promotes Tibetan medicine and culture through various projects and activities. Part of the Silkroad Treasures sales proceeds are donated to DANA eV.
Tashi Delek! (‘happiness and prosperity!’ in Tibetan language)

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Additional info: Wikipedia in English and Estonian

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