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DVD In the Mystical Land of Kaydara. Peeter Vähi

DVD Coppélia. A ballet by Léo Delibes

CD-series Great Maestros. Beethoven, Brahms. Kalle Randalu, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Järvi

CD Quarter of a Century with Friends. Arsis, Rémi Boucher, Oliver Kuusik, Rauno Elp

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LP Contra aut pro? Toomas Velmet, Neeme Järvi, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Arvo Pärt

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Libretto in English

Probably the best known Estonian opera is Cyrano de Bergerac by Eino Tamberg (libretto by Jaan Kross after Edmond Rostand). The performers are best from the Estonian operatic world – conductor Paul Mägi, Symphony Orchestra of the Estonian National Opera, the singers being the elite from neighbouring Finland. A must for all opera lovers.

Romantic opera in three acts and an epilogue, op 45 (1974)
Libretto by Jaan Kross
Based on the play by Edmond Rostand
Translated by Krista Kaer

Act I

1. Introduction and Cyrano’s monologue.
Cyrano: Ho hoo!
The crowd of hired killers fearing my blade, fled, there were about a hundred of them.
Triumph! Triumph!
The sweet taste of victory,
However aftertaste was bitter –
How can my fate be changed by brilliant skills in swordplay?
My secret love’s an angel, a lovely creature –
And I am I, as ugly as can be.
The flashes of my mind and blade
Are shadowed by my nose,
My monstrous nose.
Or do these flashes still remain
Like distant glimmers in her memories
Like steps that help her rise and see
What lies behind my ugliness?
Go, foolish hope, go!
And it goes indeed –
The hope that sidled up to me.
It goes as soon as I detect
My profile on the wall outlined by Moon.
2. Christian’s Cavantina
Christian: La-la-la-laa.
My second week in Paris and I’m deep in love –
Unfortunately this is only true.
My second week in Paris and I’m deep in love –
Oh yes, my love knows no bounds or limits.
Her name is Roxane,
I’ve seen her only in the theatre.
Ah, my hair is turning grey because of my pain
For I have no neither hope, nor have I any plans.
She is so fastidious and so refined
And I’m never sure how to behave.
Yes, my only asset is the braveness of my heart
In battle, yes, but not in love.
Where can I find the words, where is my sparkling mind?
I’ve nothing of the kind!
3. Scene  (Ragueneau, Lise)
Ragueneau: Hey, Lise! Come here and help me open the shutters!
Last night I heard that Cyrano, my friend, could get involved in a rather nasty affair.
Lise: What affair is this?
Ragueneau: You know Count de Guiche, don’t you – the arrogant old goat!
Ligniere, the poet, mocked him in his verse
That once again de Guiche received refusal from Roxane.
Because of these verses de Guiche then hired a hundred men
To kill the poet on his way back home.
And Cyrano decided to step in.
Lise: This gentleman is so fond of fighting
And when eventually he gets his nose pinched
I say, he has deserved it!
Don’t worry!
You better hurry up! Your starving poets will soon be here.
4. Scene (Ragueneau, the duenna)
The Duenna: At night in such a place, where is the fun?
My lady’s cousin must be somewhere close.
Good morning, Ragueneau!
Is Cyrano around?
Ragueneau: What is your business?
The Duenna: I cannot tell you much!
Just that my lady sent me.
Ragueneau: Well, Mademoiselle Roxane?!
The Duenna: Yes, Mademoiselle Roxane.
Ragueneau: And where is she then?
The Duenna: Nearby, she’s praying,
In the chapel, at the late night mass.
She sent me here, I came running
To ask her cousin to meet her here.
I’ve been waiting for some time.
She’ll be here at seven.
5. Cyrano’s arioso (Cyrano, Lise, Ragueneau)
Cyrano: She’ll be here at seven.
The bliss and fear.
The pain and pleasure.
No matter what she wants, she knows I do exist.
I could just hold all heavens on my shoulders –
Roxane comes here to meet me!
I feel the flicker of a flame among the ashes,
No matter what she wants!
Oh, words.
You do not come to me in front of her
Although my mind is buzzing with ma multitude of you.
But in a letter.
I’ll write the letter, every line of which
Has been with me for long.
Hey, Ragueneau! I’m waiting for someone,
You see to it that we won’t be disturbed.
Lise: Unfortunately, my fool of a husband
Has called some poets here to sup!
Ragueneau: Don’t worry! The coast will be clear!
Cyrano: Yes, take them away before the blessed hour,
And close the doors!
Give me the pen, Ragueneau!
Ragueneau: You’ll get the one that once adorned a swan.
6. Scene ( Lise, Ragueneau, Cyrano, 3  three tattered Poets)
Lise: Here are your ragamuffins!
Poets: Brother in art!
Dear brother!
High soaring eagle among pastry-cooks!
Marry! It smells good here in your eyrie!
Apollo among master-cooks.
Ragueneau: Ah! How quick a man feels at his ease with them!
Second poet: We were stayed by the mob; they are crowded all round the Porte de Nesle!.
Six bleeding brigand carcasses strew the pavements there – all slit open with sword gashes!
Cyrano: Then six. hold, I thought that five.
Poets: The man who did it, here the hero of the fray! A real hero!
Cyrano: I love.
Poets: It was one man, say they all.
. one man who single-handed, put the whole band to the rout!
Pikes and cudgels strewed thick upon the ground.
Ragueneau: Who was the hero?
Poets: No one knows that. No one!
The dens of scoundrels now are full of sobs and cursing.
Cyrano: I love thee hair.
Poets: He must have been ferocious!
A real fighter!
Cyrano: And when I see thee come I faint for fear.
Signed by the one who worships you.
No need to sign, I give it her myself.
7. Roxane’s arioso and a duet with Cyrano
Roxane: Go to the chapel now
And set a burning candle
In front of the image of the Holy Virgin,
And pray that Cyrano will not think me a fool.
Ah! My legs are now unwilling,
The threshold of these low dwellings seems so high.
What comes of love can only proper be
My love will give me courage.
Cyrano: Blessed be the moment
You’ve come to say.?
Roxane: Confession next!. For that my friend,
You must be once again that brother-friend,
With whom I used to play by the lake.
Cyrano: Ah, you would come each spring to Bergerac!
Roxane: Mind you the reeds you cut to make your swords?
Cyrano: While you wove corn-straw plaits for your doll’s hair!
Roxane: Those were the days of games!.
Cyrano: And blackberries.
Roxane: In those days you did everything I bid!
Cyrano: In your short frock you were just a child!
Roxane: Was I fair then?
Cyrano: Oh yes, and naughty child.
Roxane: So often with your hands all bloody from a fall,
You’s run to me! Then aping mother’s ways,
I with a face severe would chide:
What, is it scratch, again, that I see here?
Oh, this is too much! What’s this?
Where did you get the scratch?
Cyrano: I got it playing, not far from Nesle.
Roxane: Give here, I’ll clean it up. I wipe away the blood.
How many were against you?
Cyrano: Oh, a hundred. near.
Roxane: Come, tell me.
Cyrano: No. But you tell me the thing,
Just now you dared not.
Roxane: Now, I dare.
The memories of old days give me courage.
Yes, now I dare.
Listen, I am in love
With someone who knows not,
But who, if he knows not, soon shall learn.
A poor youth who all this time has loved
Me passionately, from afar, and dares not to speak.
And to think of it that he by chance
Is stationed in your regiment!
He’s a cadet in your company.
On his brow he bears the genius stamp
He is proud, noble, intrepid, fair.
Cyrano: Fair as well?
Roxane: Yes, what ails you?
Cyrano: What is his name?
Roxane: Christian de Neuvillette.
Cyrano: We have no such in our company.
Roxane: He joined it just this morning.
Cyrano: I fail to see what use I can be?
Roxane: They say the Gascons’ habit is to provoke
Newcomers all.
Cyrano: So what?
Roxane: I thought that you – brave, invincible
Would keep him from all duels.
If you would.
Cyrano: I will be friend your little Baron.
Roxane: You’ll promise me ?
Cyrano: Yes, that I swear.
Roxane: And he shall fight no duels, promise?
Cyrano: None.
Roxane: You are so good and brave, my friend.
I love you tenderly for that.
And tell him write.
Tell him to write quite soon.
Oh yes, I’m going now.
You have not told me of your last night’s fray,
It must have been heroic deed –
You’ll tell me all one day.
And don’t forget to ask him too write.
8. Scene (Male Choir, Cyrano, Ragueneau, De Guiche, Jaloux)
Choir: Ho-hoo, ha-haa, Cyrano! Cyrano, hey!
Our hero! Our hero! We heard it all!
So noble, and so daring! No match for him!
Hooray! Hooray! Again and again!
It makes us proud that Cyrano has thus combined
Sharp wit and a virtuoso sword.
Oh, there comes Count de Guiche!
De Guiche: Your fight that night – ho-hoo,
It could have been a sight.
I am now here
To express the admiration of the Marshal,
Bravado always has its charm,
Although it’s usually noised too loud abroad.
Yes, too loud.
De Guiche: A poet! ’Tis the fashion of the hour!
Will you be mine?
Cyrano: No, sir, no man’s.
De Guiche: Your wit would please my uncle Richelieu.
I’ll gladly say a word to him for you.
Jaloux: Good for you!
De Guiche: I imagine you have nicely rhymed
Some acts.
Jaloux: Your play, you’ll see it staged at last.
De Guiche: Take that to him.
Cyrano: Well, maybe.
De Guiche: He is a critic skilled;
He may correct a line or two, at most.
Cyrano: Impossible! My blood congeals to think
 That other hand should change a comma’s dot.
De Guiche: You are proud.
Cyrano: So you noticed that?
First Cadet: This morning on the quay we caught this bright-feathered game!
Second Cadet: He who laid that ambush must curse and swear.
First Cadet: Who was it?
De Quiche: I myself. Work too dirty for my sword to punish a rhymester sot like Ligniere.
First Cadet: These greasy trophies.
Cyrano: Your friends can now have them back from you.
De Guiche: Have you read “Don Quixote”?
Cyrano: Every line of it.
De Guiche: It seems to me that not the windmill chapter.
For when one tilts against windmills – it may chance
That windmill sails may sweep you down in the mire.
Cyrano: Or upward – to the stars!
9. Scene (Christian, three cadets, Jaloux, Cyrano, the male choir)
Choir: La-la-laa.
Third Cadet: Silence!
Let Cyrano now tell us his fray.
Second Cadet: So that this little button-nose will hear.
Christian: What? Button-nose?
Third cadet: Yes. The one who’s not a Gascony either by birth or face.
First Cadet: There’s somewhat here, one no more dares to name
Than to say “rope” in the room a hanged man still is laid.
Second cadet: You never breathe that word
Unless you don’t want to perish by his sword.
Jaloux: Cyrano, tell us your tale!
Choir: Yes Cyrano! The tale! The story!
Cyrano: All right!
10. Cyrano’s Tale (Cyrano, Christian, two cadets)
Cyrano: I went all alone along the quay,
And suddenly a cloud there flitted past
And night was inky black
One could see nothing further.
Christian: Than one’s nose.
Cyrano: Who is that?
First cadet: Our new cadet Christian de Neuvillette.
Cyrano: Well. yes. ah.
Damn! All right!
I said that it was very dark.
And in protecting this unfortunate fool
I may provoke some great man, some count or duke
Who certainly could break my
Christian: My nose!
Cyrano: My head!
And I imprudently was poking.
Christian: My nose.
Cyrano: My finger in the affairs of counts and dukes.
But a Gascon can’t be frightened.
On I ventured, when from the darkness came.
Christian: A crack on your nose!
Cyrano: . Great God! Out! All of you!
First cadet: The tiger wakes!
Cyrano: All out, leave me alone with him!
Third cadet: That’ll be the end of him.
11. Scene and Cyrano’s and Christian’s duet (Cyrano, Christian, Jaloux, cadets, male choir)
Cyrano: Come, embrace me now!
 I like you, you’re brave!
Embracing me, you’re embracing Roxane’s brother
Or almost so – her cousin, father’s side.
Christian: Oh God! I thank thee.
Is there a hope for me?
Cyrano: Maybe!
Christian: How glad I am to meet you!
Cyrano: That may be called a sudden sentiment.
Christian: I ask your pardon.
Cyrano: But he is fair, that’s true.
She expects a letter.
Christian: Then I am lost.
I’m a fool with words.
So foolish that I could die for shame.
Roxane is smart.
There is no hope when I am to speak.
Cyrano: Had I but
Such an interpreter to speak my soul.
Christian: Where can I find the words?
Cyrano: I lend them.
Roxane would never be disillusioned.
Say, do you want that we two woo her, both together?
Christian: But, listen.
Cyrano: Since, by yourself you do not find the speech,
Since, you’re cursing now your lack of  words,
We can combine them – my phrases and your lips.
Christian: Will it please you?
Cyrano: It’d be for me.
It would amuse me.   
It would be an idea to tempt a poet.
Will you complete me, and let me complete you?
I would be in your shadow – your shade and spirit.
Christian: But the letter? The mere thought of it is painful.
I cannot..
Cyrano: See! Here is your letter!
Christian: You had.
Cyrano: Yes! We have our pockets full, we poets,
of the letters written to Dulcineas,
our only true loves –
created and worshipped in our brains.
Christian: But. will it fit Roxane?
Cyrano: Oh yes, you cannot change a line!
Christian: My friend!
Jaloux: Our tiger has the halo of a saint?!
Struck on one side – see, he turns the other!
Second cadet: Then we can speak about his nose now?
What a stink !
You, sir, have noticed it, I’m sure.
What is the smell?
Cyrano: The smell of a hearty cuff, I think!
Male choir: Ho-hoo! Yo-hoo! Cyrano!

Act II

12. Roxane’s aria
Roxane: The evening’s in the air and light is fading,
A strange ache again fills my heart.
Oh, Lord, I’m blushing,
But from myself I cannot hide it,
I must admit, ’tis love I feel.
Christian, Christian!
Now I will understand his inner nature.
At times his mind seems far away, the Muse is silent,
Next moment he’s enchanting, full of ideas.
And those important trivialities
He masters with a real esprit!
It makes his charm grow larger in my eyes,
That in his words his soul I can feel.
But I am also frightened,
De Guiche won’t let me alone.
And he’s not loath to get some hired men,
Who then would give a deathblow to my love.
Oh, Christian, my love,
The light is fading,
A strange ache again fills my heart.
Oh, Christian.
13. Roxane’s and De Guiche’s duet
De Guiche: I came to tell you this,
We are to besiege Arras.
Adieu, I am to go to war.
Roxane: Ah, is that so?
De Guiche: It seems to me
this doesn’t move you.
I am to command a regiment,
The one your cousin serves in –
The boaster Cyrano.
I swear, I’ll find my way to teach him.
Roxane: Christian!
De Guiche: What is it?
Roxane: Oh, I feel faint
The man I love . goes to the war.
De Guiche: My leaving makes you kinder then?
Roxane: So you would revenge your grudge against my cousin?
You think to put him in the thick of fight?
Poor vengeance, this.
It gives him the greatest pleasure.
I know a way to wound him much more deeply.
De Guiche: What then?
Roxane: To leave the Gascon brawlers here in Paris,
While others fight in battle!
De Guiche: Those subtle cruelties of women!
You love me, then, a little?
Your willingness to show me way,
I see as a proof of love.
Roxane: It is a proof of love.
De Guiche: The marching orders of the cadets stay in my pocket.
My love for you makes me crazy.
I cannot leave. now, that I feel your heart is touched,
I cannot leave!
Wait! There is a convent here nearby! I’ll hide in there.
The town will think, I’m gone.
I’ll come to you, masked.
Give me leave to be late one day!
Roxane: No.
De Guiche: Give me leave!
Roxane: I cannot do it.
De Guiche: I beg of you!
Roxane: No, in you I would rather see a hero!
De Guiche: My heart will stop!
I go then. Farewell!
Roxane: Thank you, my friend!
14. Scene (Cyrano, Roxane, Christian)
Cyrano: I thank you, dearest friend!
Roxane: It’s you.
Cyrano: Yes, me.
How fares the love of your life?
Roxane: His wit so sparkles.
Cyrano: He is so brilliant?
Roxane: He’s brighter than yourself.
De Guiche’s words, however, put a chill into my heart.
I’ll take my cloak
I’ll be with you again.
If Christian comes, ask him to wait for me.
Cyrano: What is your talk about tonight?
Roxane: No certain subject, I will say: Give reign to your fancy.
Speak to me of love. Go on and improvise.
But keep it secret!
Cyrano: I’ll be mute.
Christian: La-la-laa..
Cyrano: Christian, I learned just all I need.
I’ll teach you what you have to do today.
Christian: That is enough of this.
Cyrano: You do not want?
Christian: I know now that Roxane loves
I fear no longer. I will speak myself.
One kiss and I’m standing firm!
She’s coming. No, don’t leave me now.
Cyrano: Speak for yourself, Monsieur.
15. Scene (Roxane, Christian, Cyrano)
Roxane: The day is fine and evening falls.
We are alone.
Speak on, I listen.
Christian: I love you, dearest.
Roxane: That’s the theme!
Christian: .Roxane, I love you.
Roxane: And your wit will sparkle.
Christian: I.
Roxane: I’m listening!
Christian: . love you so.
Roxane: And then.
Christian: And more.I am so glad
When thinking
That you love me too?
Can I say that?
Roxane: I hoped for cream
You give me milk.
Christian: But.
Roxane: Come, tell me how.
Christian: So utterly!
Roxane: And that is all?
Where are the gentle shades of meaning?
Christian: Oh God,
I see the last words going.
Roxane: If you will lose your sparkling mind
It would displease me more
Than it would displease me if you grew ill-favoured.
Go now and try to find
Your eloquence you left behind.
Christian: Roxane!
Roxane: I know, you love me.
Christian: Wait!
Roxane: Adieu!
Cyrano: Well, this is successful.
Christian: I’ll die.
Cyrano: It can be repaired.
You don’t deserve it, that I’ll say.
In front of the balcony you stand.
I’ll tell you words from here, beneath.
Call her now!
Christian: Roxane! For heaven’s sake!
Roxane: No, no! Your talk is dull.
Christian: My love is killing me!
16. The Balcony Scene. (Cyrano, Christian, Roxane)
Cyrano: Love grew apace.
Christian: Love grew apace.
Cyrano: . my tongue got tied and faltered
Christian: . my tongue got tied and faltered.
Cyrano: And then this wanton boy. ah, my breast
Christian: And then this wanton boy. ah, my breast
Cyrano: . took for his cradle
Christian: . took for his.
Roxane: Why does it take so long?
Your fantasy – again there’s something wrong?
Cyrano: That will not do!
Roxane: Your words are hesitating here today.
Why so?
Cyrano: Night should be blamed.
My words grope in the darkness, looking for your ear.
Roxane: My words in darkness
Find no difficulty.
Cyrano: That’s clear: your words descend, and thus fall fast,
Mine must go up and that’s what makes it hard.
Roxane: Your words learn to fly again, it seems...
The voice is new as well.
Cyrano: Oh yes, I was speaking through.
Roxane: Through what?
Cyrano: The haze, cast by love that overpowers me,
Now I can see you like a glimmer far above
Now I can speak – as speak I really would.
Roxane: What are the words?
Cyrano: All, all whatever love has given me.
For you the whole cluster.
I love you, what bliss, what glory!
It drives me mad!
I love you!
Your name so tender and so gentle like a clapper
My heart your bell.
My heart will tremble,
That’s the way I live,
And like a bell I’m full of the ringing of your name.
Oh, this night, the tender air, the hour,
I cannot breathe,
I speak and you are listening.
My words have found the strength to reach you there
And now your heart will flutter like I dreamed.
Roxane: I cry and tremble and I obey.
Cyrano: Let death come!
Roxane has heard my words
Roxane has loved them.
I ask for nothing more but this
That you would grant me
Christian: . a kiss.
Roxane: What?
Cyrano: Wait!
Roxane: You ask for?
Cyrano: Yes, I spoke so thoughtlessly,
Asking for the fairest gift.
Christian: Why?
Cyrano: Too quick!
Christian: Soon it’s anyway.
Cyrano: Yes, soon really.
Then better like that.
One kiss. oh, Roxane, what is it then,
A secret that to mouth, not ear is whispered,
Brush of a bee’s wing that makes time eternal
Communion perfumed like the scent of field flowers
The heart relieving in the heart’s out breathing,
When to the lips souls rise and can be tasted.
Roxane: Then come and taste it.
Cyrano: Go!
Christian: But is it fair? I now think.
Roxane: . this mystery, this flower.
Cyrano: Go, fool, go now!
Roxane: . this heart breathing, this eternity!
Christian: Oh, Roxane!
Cyrano: Oh, Roxane!
I am part to this.
For on the lips you press you kiss
The words I spoke just now.
17. Scene (The Friar, Roxane, Christian, Cyrano)
The Friar: Hey, Mademoiselle Roxane!
If I can see the address right in the dark,
It is this very house.
Roxane: Yes, what is it?
The Friar: A letter here for you!
Roxane: I’ll be down.
The Friar: A very worthy Segnieur, I trust,
Has sent you truly holy message.
Roxane: Count De Guiche?
Christian: He dares not.
Roxane: Oh yes, he still does, but
His boldness will not last forever!
Ah, my cousin Cyrano!
Come read De Guiche’s letter!
I dared to disobey your orders. I am in convent walls.
The simple fool who brings this message into your hands
Knows nothing.
Your glances were too tender!
So receive me now,
Send everybody else away..
The letter reads as follows:
Young lady, you now must obey,
Forget your fits of temper.
The Cardinal knows what is best to you
For this purpose I’ve sent these lines
With a holy man, discreet, intelligent.
And our wish is that you will be married
By him.
Without delay.
Christian becomes your husband.
Him we send.
I understand your anguish, and remain
Yours truly and so humbly
And so on.
The Friar: Oh, worthy lord!
I knew it was a holy business!
Roxane: This is horrible!
Oh, I obey!
You try to keep De Guiche away for a while.
Cyrano: I’ll think of something!
Yes, I know!
18. Cyrano’s Fib of the Moon Flights (De Guiche, Cyrano)
De Guiche: The damned Friar!
He isn’t back!
Where can he be?
What’s this?
This man – where did he come from?
Cyrano: The Moon!
De Guiche: What did you say?
Cyrano: When falling quickly you can never know
Where you would go.
Oh, tell me what place would this now be
Where my posterior weight has landed me?
De Guiche: I want to get past you!
Cyrano: Oh dear, men have black faces here?
Am I in Africa?
De Guiche: This is a mere mask.
Cyrano: Good! Then is it Venice?
De Guiche: A lady waits!
Cyrano: Well, it must be Paris.
De Guiche: He is a fool but he makes me laugh!
Cyrano: And surely you would like to know.
De Guiche: I want to go!
Cyrano: . the way the Moon is made.
De Guiche: No, I.
Cyrano: . how I got up?
It was by a method all my own.
De Guiche: He’s mad!
Cyrano: Six ways I’ve invented
To take me up where starlight shines.
De Guiche: Six is it?
Cyrano: Yes, six. First, with body naked as your hand,
Festooned about with crystal flacons, full
Of tears that early morning dew distils
Sun’s burning rays will suck me up
As they suck dew.
De Guiche: Well that makes one!
Cyrano: Inside a steel case firmly cast
Gunpowder to the skies us blasts.
De Guiche: That was two.
Cyrano: Since smoke goes up like wings of birds –
Then I, with a ball of smoke will follow quicker than the words.
De Guiche: Three.
Cyrano: I smear myself with marrow from a bull,
Since young Moon never tires sucking marrow up.
De Guiche: Four.
Cyrano: The generated wind – for that
I need to rarefy air by mirrors placed icosahedron-wise.
De Guiche: That makes five.
Cyrano: I’ll stand on an iron platform – then
I throw a magnet in the air.
The iron follows the magnet – and be quick
To throw again and off you go,
Then throw again, again and go.
De Guiche: And then?
Cyrano: Ah, then. Then.
Monsieur your coming was in vain. They’re married now.
De Guiche: What? Am I deranged? That nose. Cyrano!
19. Scene (The Friar, De Guiche, Roxane, Cyrano)
The Friar: A handsome couple, sir! And all thanks to you!
De Guiche: Say farewell! The regiment will leave tonight!
Roxane: He leaves?  To war? But the cadets do not go?
De Guiche: Oh yes they do. I have the orders here!


20. Jaloux’s arioso
Jaloux: Ah, listen to those airs of distant home,
Sweet music of the instruments that call
To memory the valleys, streams and forests,
The evening greenery and gentle smoke wisps rising
From hearths at home.
This melody recalls the way we speak.
My heart is trembling for those soft echoes
Bring Gascony , yes Gascony to our souls.
21. Scene and Christian’s Aria (Jaloux, Cyrano, First Sentinel, Second Sentinel, Christian)
Jaloux: Ah, they’re firing. They’ll wake my men!
So pale and thin, no flesh on those bones.
It is disgraceful that we starve while we’re besieging!
The First Sentinel: Who goes there?
Cyrano: It’s I, you fool!
Jaloux: Are you wounded?
Cyrano: No, whole and well.
The Spanish have a custom to shoot and miss me every morning.
Jaloux: To take letters every day and risk?
Cyrano: I promised that he writes to her and often.
Jaloux: And now you’re off?
Cyrano: To write the next.
Christian: Oh, Roxane, to sleep and dream once more
To know sweet scent of your hair.
I wake and feel in anguish that you’re leaving,
The pain tears me apart, it tears me apart.
Roxane, my dear, sweet dreams you give me
Have kept the earthly hunger far away,
For when I went your lips touched mine
And left their imprint that can never be erased.
Roxane, my dear!
In this bleak wintry night I cannot well deny –
My soul and body both feel empty,
When I think of her who I have left behind.
Oh, God, the life’s a crazy farce
Some comfort you can only find in dreams,
His young wife reads his letters –
Full of those brilliant words not written by himself.
Roxane, my dear
I want to sleep again to hold you there
To feel your lips upon my lips and dream.
22. Scene (Jaloux, Two Cadets, the Cadet Choir, Cyrano, De Guiche, Christian)
Jaloux: The sleep’s mercy now is gone.
A Cadet: I’m hungry!
Jaloux: The wake up signal now brings all it back.
Cadets: Oh, God, we’re dying of hunger.
My teeth are screaming!
Cyrano: It makes you fierce in fight!
Cadets: My stomach’s hollow!
Cyrano: It will make a fine drum to sound the assault.
Cadets: Hunger! Hunger!
Jaloux: Enough! Here comes Count De Guiche.
Cyrano: Don’t let him see you suffering.
Out with the cards and let the game begin.
De Guiche: I’m tired hearing it again and again
That your Cadets for me find only proud disdain.
They call me plotter
Very well.
Last night a goodly force of troops
Went to make sure the  provisions reach us here.
Would the enemy come now.
Jaloux: They do not know.
De Guiche: Alas, it isn’t so.
The attack will come.
But you all must know:
I led them to believe
That your line’s the least defended.
I wanted to misguide them but
Now that’s the place
Where they attack.
And you must all stand up.
Cyrano: So that’s your vengeance?
De Guiche: I know you like to fight against a hundred men
I only helped you here in finding them.
Christian: Cyrano,
I only want to send
last loving words
for her to remember.
Cyrano: I feared it would be today
And I have written.
Christian: You did? show me!
And what is this.
Cyrano: What do you mean?
Christian: This little spot?
Cyrano: What spot?
Christian: It is a tear!
Cyrano: The fate of poets –
to take the game for what is true!
Those lines – they were so sad
They made me weep when I was writing them.
Ah, death itself is not so terrible
But not to see her ever – that is worst!
For I shall never. we shall. you will probably.
23. Scene (Jaloux, Two Sentinels, De Guiche, Roxane, Christian)
Jaloux: What noise is that?
The First Sentinel: A carriage! From the Spanish side!
And the coachman cries and tells not to shoot!
They are the King’s couriers!
De Guiche: What? The King’s courier?
Bare your heads and draw up in line,
And I mean all of you.
Let him describe his line as it befits!
Roxane: Good day! The sight is hard.
De Guiche: You, the King’s courier?
Roxane: Yes, King Love’s!
Christian: Why have you come?
Roxane: I will tell you all.
Jaloux: Where did you come?
Roxane: Through the Spanish lines.
De Guiche: How could you do it?
Roxane: I drove. And whenever I was stopped,
I draw off the curtain and smiled.
Jaloux: And when they asked about your destination?
Roxane: I must admit I told a little lie –
I answered I was going to my lover.
I’m not ashamed
For had I said “my husband”
No one had let me pass.
De Guiche: You must leave!
We’ve got half an hour at most.
Roxane:  No, I’ll stay.
I understand, you’re going to fight.
Cyrano: So this fine lady is a heroine?
Roxane: Monsieur de Bergerac, I am your cousin.
And I’m wearing a hat
Befitting in this very battle.
But the Count should now retire, they may attack.
De Guiche: Please say no more!
Hey! Give me a gun, I mean to remain!
I leave no woman in peril.
Cadets: He remains! Hooray, he too remains!
De Guiche: We will defend you well!
Fear not for your head or hat on that head!
Jaloux: We will die, protecting you, Madame.
The First Cadet: I would die happy, if I had something to eat before.
Roxane: I’m famished too. Wine, pasties, roasted partridges –
Bring it all here!
Cyrano: Your humour, cousin dear,
Is black –
Where shall we find them?
Roxane: In my carriage.
Yes, look a little closer at my coachman,
He seems to greet you from afar.
A worthy man who makes my kitchen
A better place and here is here is my companion.
Cadets: Oh, Ragueneau!
Kind fairy!
24. The Feast Song of Ragueneau and the Duenna. (Ragueneau, the Duenna, male choir)
Ragueneau: Gentlemen! I treat you to a feast!
Dear gentlemen, I greet you with a drink!
Don’t miss the partridge, turkey or pork.
And to wash it all down
I give you this – here’s beer – here’s wine,
To start with, help on the way and finish!
The Male Choir: To start with, help on the way and finish.
The Duenna: Dear gentlemen,
Can someone guess,
What should be last
To end this feast of wonders?
Oh, you taste this and you taste that,
Oh, this and that and this and that,
For Ragueneau has saved some more
To offer you as an encore
The Male Choir: Cakes! Almond cakes, what else?
The Duenna, Ragueneau: Yes, crisp and fragrant almond cakes!
25. The Feast and the Duet. (Roxane, Christian, Ragueneau, the Duenna, the Cadet’s Choir)
The Choir: La-la-la.
The Duenna: Some more of this.
Ragueneau: A sip of wine?
The Duenna: Take all your time.
No hurry whatsoever.
Christian: Now tell me what has brought you here?
Those roads so perilous, oh, I cannot think
Of all the dangers that you bravely faced.
Roxane: It is your fault-
Your letters brought me here.
Christian: What – a few letters!
The Duenna: More wine, more steak?
Ragueneau: Don’t miss the partridge!
The Duenna: Don’t miss the turkey!
Ragueneau:  Don’t miss the pork!
The Duenna, Ragueneau: And to start with, help on the way and finish – a sip of wine.
Roxane:  I read your letters, then read again,
Was overwhelmed, for every page
Was like a fluttering flower-petal
From your own heart,
And words on them were love
Sincere, all-powerful.
Christian: And so you came?
Roxane: My love, my lord,
I came to ask your pardon,
For the insult done to you
When I at first loved you only for your face!
Christian: Roxane, and now?
Roxane: Your soul has now effaced your beauty.
I love you for your soul,
And that beauty that so won me at first
Now that I see clearer – I don’t see at all.
Christian: Roxane, my dear, that love is too much
I would be loved more simply.
That charm in me.
Roxane: That other women love in thee?
Oh no,
The way I love you now
is so much better!
Christian: No, it’s better as it was!
Roxane: My dear, you are so wrong,
It’s now that I love best!
The soul that makes you what you are
Is dear to me and dims the brilliance.
Christian: Oh, hush!
Roxane: I should love still
If your beauty should today depart.
Christian: If I were ugly?
Roxane: Yes, I swear I’d love you still!
Christian: My God!
Roxane: So you’re happy.
Christian: Oh yes..
Roxane: What is it?
Christian: Just wait a second.
Two words to say.
Roxane: What?
Christian: Those fellows who
will soon be dead –
To make it easier for them
Go shine a smile on them.
Go now, my dear.
Roxane: Yes, dear.
26. Christian’s Death (Christian, Cyrano, Roxane, Jaloux)
Christian: Cyrano! Hey, Cyrano!
Roxane is not in love with me.
Cyrano: How’s that?
Christian: She loves my soul and that means you!
And you’re in love with her?
It’s true?
Cyrano: Yes, true it is.
Christian: To madness?
Cyrano: And even worse!
Christian: Go tell her so.
Cyrano: I’ll never! Look at my face!
Christian: She’d love me – were I ugly.
Cyrano: Did she say so?
Christian: She did.
You tell her all and let her choose.
Cyrano: No, why torture.
Christian: I will be loved myself
Or not at all!
I go and see what’s going on.
You speak to her and let her choose. Roxane.
Cyrano: Wait!
Roxane: What?
Christian: Cyrano has things to say
I important to us both.
Cyrano: He’s gone! .He couldn’t wait.
Roxane: He did not believe me.
I do not see.
Cyrano: But are you sure you told him all the truth?
Roxane: Yes, I would love him were he ugly.
Cyrano: Ugly as a mask, a grotesque?
Roxane: He would never be grotesque to me.
Cyrano: You’d love him true?
Roxane: Maybe even more.
A shot?
Cyrano: Can it really be?
Love waits me here?
Roxane, I.
Jaloux: Cyrano!
Cyrano: Yes, what is it?
Jaloux: Hush!
Cyrano: Ah!
Roxane: What happened?
Cyrano: Now I can never tell.
Roxane: Christian!
Jaloux: First shot.
Cyrano: What was I saying? He loved you alone.
Roxane: Christian, my dear.
Jaloux: The attack’s about to start.
Roxane: He’s growing cold.
The paleness.
A letter. This is for me.
Jaloux: Ready! Present!
Cyrano:  Farewell, Roxane!
Jaloux: Fire!


27. Scene (Female Choir, the Duenna, Jaloux, Roxane, Ragueneau, Cyrano)
Female Choir: Tu solatium et refugium, Virgo Mater Maria,
tu solatium et refugium.
Virgo Mater Maria, virgo Mater Maria.
Quid optamus, per te speramus ora, ora pronobis!
Tua gaudia et suspiria Juvent nos, o Maria!
In te speramus, ad te clamamus ora pronobis!
Virgo Mater Maria.
Ave Maria, gratia plena,
Dominus tecum,
benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris tui
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
The Duenna: God-day Monsieur Jaloux!
Jaloux: You will be kind to tell her I’ve come.
The Duenna: She’s on her way.
Jaloux: Then I will wait.
How is she now?
The Duenna: Madame. She’s still the same.
Fifteen long years she wears her widow’s veil.
And Christian’s last letter
Close to her heart.
Jaloux: And Cyrano?
The Duenna: He visits her
And tells her news of the outside world.
Each week he comes
And tells her everything.
Jaloux: You see him first,
Discreetly warn him so
On my behalf and that of Marshal De Guiche’s.
He’s made some enemies
And the Marshal got the news
That Cyrano is to perish soon by somebody’s hand.
The Duenna. It’s terrible.
I’ll go and bring Madame.
Jaloux: Don’t tell her that
Why worry her?
Ragueneau: Monsieur Jaloux!
How terrible! I’ve got some loathsome news.
This morning I was going to our friend’s.
I saw him come out.  I followed him.
And suddenly from out a window
Where he was passing
A lackey let fall a large piece of wood.
And Bergerac was hit.
Jaloux: Murderers!
Ragueneau: I ran. I saw
Him struck to the ground – a large wound in his head!
I left him in his room, half-dead!
To rise – it would be to defy the fate!
Roxane: The hour strikes.
How strange, I do not hear him coming
As I have heard for these last years
You were never late
So why today?
Cyrano: Yes, what can I say- I had a visitor.
Roxane: Who?
Cyrano: Unwelcome one.
Roxane: I know him?
Cyrano: No, no.
Roxane: Young – old?
Cyrano: More ageless, I would say.
Roxane: What did you do?
Cyrano: I showed him door and said:
I have a rendezvous,
and even you won’t stop me going now!
Call in an hour’s time.
Roxane: What is this?
Cyrano: It’s nothing. It will pass!
Roxane: But what is it?
Cyrano: Ah, an old wound of Arras
Sometimes – you know.
Roxane: Dear friend. I do.
28. Cyrano’s death. (Roxane, Cyrano, Jaloux, Ragueneau, the Female Choir)
Roxane: Beneath this letter brown with age
I have a wound,
All stained with tears and blood.
Cyrano: His letter! Ah, you promised me one day
That I should read it.
Roxane: Would you?
Cyrano: Yes, today.
Roxane, adieu.
Roxane: You read aloud?
Cyrano: I feel that I must die..
My soul is heavy with love untold
With all the words in me.
I feel, it is farewell.
Roxane: You read but.
Cyrano: And I would like to cry, farewell, my dear,
Farewell, my dearest love.
Roxane: You read in such a voice – it’s not the first time I hear it.
Cyrano: My life, my love, my sweet,
My heart has been yours in every beat –
And in this dying hour – Roxane!
Roxane: How can you read? It’s too dark.
It. it was you!
Cyrano: No, Roxane, no!
Roxane: Yes, suddenly.
I see it all!
Cyrano: You’re wrong!
Roxane: Your noble lies
I see now well:
You wrote those letters,
All those dear words!
Cyrano: I swear.
Roxane: Your voice. that night
It was your soul that made me tremble!
Things dead will rise again.
Why keep silence all these fifteen years,
When on this letter the tears were your tears?
Cyrano: The blood was Christian’s.
Ragueneau: What madness!
Le Bret: He has brought his death by coming, Madame!
Roxane: Then the pain you had just now?
Cyrano: Yes, it interrupted all my news
The last one – today
Your cousin Cyrano was killed.
Roxane: Oh, I’ve lost my only love now twice.
Cyrano: Excuse me, I’m in a hurry now,
The Moon has sent its beam.
I’ll go tonight –
Without no machine’s aid.
No, not seated!
Let no one hold me up.
But when He comes , I’ll wait for him afoot
And sword in hand.
Who are you?
You are many!
Old enemies of mine –
I know you now.
Have it! Falsehood! Ha!
And Compromise, Prejudice, Cowardice, Stupidity and Servitude
You have it, and you!
I know that you will defeat me at last
Yet I fall fighting, giving blows as fast.
You strip me of my laurel
But there’s one thing you cannot touch
That something
Yes, I’ll have as such.
Roxane: What do you mean?
Cyrano: My panache.

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